Multi-Stage Conveyor


This conveyor is designed to extend into a trailer to accelerate the transfer of product onto a handling system or for conveyor access openings.

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  • VFD Controlled 3 HP Main Motorized Pulley
  • 39″ 120 Lbs. PVC COSxFS Approach Belt
  • Automatically Retracts If The Safety Bar On The Articulating Boom Contacts An Obstruction Until Clear Of The Obstruction
  • Floodlight In The Articulating Boom Illuminates The Trailer
  • Eight Position Joystick – Two Directions At The Same Time
  • Flat Top Approach Discharge is 60-3/4″
  • Painted Per Customer Color


  • Incline Conveyor
  • Base Stand for Pit Installation
  • Approach Conveyor With Discharge of 76-1/2″
  • VFD Controlled 1-1/2 HP Approach Belt Motorized Pulley
  • RH or LH Configuration


Approximate Weight
13,500 pounds (6,124 kg)
Retracted Unit Length
16.5 feet
Unit Width
5 feet 6-1/6 inches
Single Power Drop, 30 Full Load Amps @ 480V/3 PH/60 Hz
Drive Drum
8 inch Diameter Motorized Pulley
 22 inch Wide Continuous PHR2-90MF LIXBB Main Belt
Extended Unit Length
68 feet
Load Limit
50 Lbs./Linear Foot, 200 Lbs. on Boom 6
Common Belt Speeds
60 fpm Variable Main Belt
80 fpm Variable Approach Belt