4 Multi-Stage Extendable Conveyor


This extendable conveyor is designed to speed up and improve the movement of parcels, tires, or other products in and out of a semi-trailers and will improve the ergonomic lifting requirements of personnel working in the trailer.

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  • 25’ retracted length
  • 55’ feet cantilevered extension, overall length 80’
  • High Quality PVC belting, standard 21” wide (Forbo Siegling) or as required
  • Belt Speeds variable 40-120 fpm or as required
  • Belt Direction: Load, Unload or Bi-directional
  • Package capacity: 50 lbs per foot or as needed to meet application
  • 1HP Sumitomo Gearbox Boom extension drive system with variable extension speeds as needed to meet application. Dual drive chains.
  • 3 HP Vander Graff Motorized pulley belt drive with variable belt speeds as needed to meet application
  • UL labeled main control enclosure, with low voltage wiring to the booms
  • Joy stick boom controls for extend or retract and/or raise or lower unit
  • High Strength steel construction
  • Machine width: 45”
  • Machine top of belt height: 37.5”
  • Machine Safety Guarding to protect and close off all pinch points. Dead end Pulley’s.
  • Safety contact bar that automatically retracts boom when contacted
  • Sealed, no maintenance bearings
  • Machine color: Autumn White or Per customer request


  • Operator Platforms
  • Various Belt Widths
  • Traversing bases and rails (door to door)
  • Incline take away conveyors and support structure
  • Bi-directional belt
  • Package indexing
  • Hydraulic Elevation control (up and down)
  • Raised Belt transfers for transition to sorter conveyors
  • Special discharge pulleys and raised slider beds for additional transfer options to sorter conveyors