Telescoping Gravity Loader


The Telescoping Gravity Loader is designed to assist in the loading of cargo in 48’ and 53’ trailers without built-in roller conveyors. It is mounted on a base that allows the unit to span the gap at the dock door to allow the gravity conveyor to be rolled manually into the trailer. The unit telescopes manually to allow for loading and collapses manually as the trailer gets loaded. Under normal use, the Telescoping Gravity Loader is hooked to a chute connecting it to the system.

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Five Section Aluminum Side Rails with Steel Legs for the Wheels.
PVC Rollers with Steel Rollers in High Impact Areas; 24.00 Inches Wide, 3.00 Inches on Center, 1.90 Inch Diameter.
47 feet 10 inches
Retracted Length
11 feet 7-3/8 inches
Extended Length
50 Lb/Linear Foot
Overall Height
2 feet 9-1/8 inches