Only the best become the biggest. For more than 35 years, we’ve carefully crafted equipment to last, and that reputation has expanded our reach.

It all began with our ground support equipment, and we’re now the largest non-powered GSE manufacturer in the world. That same quality can be seen in the package conveyor line we added 30 years ago and in the U.S. military trailers we’ve been manufacturing for more than a decade.

Hundreds of thousands of our products are serving customers in 50 states and more than 87 countries. Some of those in the field date to our beginnings, and – just like us  — they’re still going strong.

Here’s Why…


Quality & Custom Engineering /

With every weld by one of our certified welders, each durable piece of Grade 5 zinc hardware, every thick piece of steel and each expertly engineered design, we focus on developing a product that will last. The proof is in the field, where decades-old WASP™ equipment continues to work like new each day.

Capacity /

Our specialized manufacturing equipment accomplishes the job better than others in the industry. The sheer area of our four facilities ensures it’s done quickly, as does our large team of employee-owners. We deliver products fast to keep you moving.

Safety /

Every design, cut and weld is accomplished with thought and precision to ensure the safest equipment in the industry. Then its put through rigorous testing to make sure it holds up. We meet every safety specification – CE, OSHA, SAE, and even the details set by your company’s safety department.

Our history, skill, devotion, capacity and focus on safety are what place us at the top in size and quality. For you it means equipment with the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. It’s how the best became the biggest.

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