FAST Global Solutions’ Container Sort Platform Helps Ensure On-Time Delivery

Container Sort Platform

FAST Global Solutions’ container sort platform increases sorting efficiency for the parcel handling industry. FAST, formerly known as WASP Inc., designed the mobile unit with a large deck — more than 800 square feet of sorting space — to give customers space and maneuverability without the expense of a fully automated system. An integrated engine powers a built-in light tower to keep the platform lighted under any condition while a hydraulic pump lifts and lowers the platform to ergonomically friendly heights.

The more than 800-square-foot platform can be hydraulically raised and lowered for ergonomic benefits, and the integrated work lights make around-the-clock sorting easy.

FAST built the deck for maximum productivity in package sorting. Workers can sort as much as 40,000 pounds (18,144 kilograms) of cargo on the 17-by-48 foot (52-by-146 meter) platform. Its 11-foot light tower uses two 1,000-watt, metal-halide floodlights so workers can easily read labels in low-light conditions to quickly move packages to the correct route for delivery. The hydraulic system allows workers to easily adjust the platform height — from 46 inches (1.2 meters) to 60 inches (1.5 meters) — to be at the most comfortable level for loading and unloading packages. An easy-to-access Platform Control Station on the light tower combines controls for height adjustment and lights on one convenient panel.

The platform’s key components for safety also maximize efficiency. Thirty-seven-inch-high handrails surround the platform to protect workers from falls. When loading or unloading packages from a truck or trailer, operators can remove each of the handrails quickly and secure it behind another section to keep it out of the way. A Morton® Deck-Span Surface features diamond-shaped grating to reduce the risk of slipping while keeping the deck clear of snow and rain. On each short side, the CSP features a built-in ladder with two steps and a handrail for safe access to the platform.

FAST engineers designed the CSP to withstand years of outdoor use. The team incorporates premium components and uses specialized manufacturing equipment and certified welders to make a durable product. The CSP’s entire platform features a hot-dip galvanized finish to protect it from corrosion in harsh environments and achieve a clean, new look for years. Customers can choose to have the entire unit galvanized or customize the look of the handrails, steps and towbar by selecting from U.S. military-grade powder-coat color options. Additionally, bumpers around the perimeter help prevent damage upon contact with a truck, loading dock or other heavy object.

The CSP’s easy maneuverability allows workers to move the unit to a convenient location for loading and unloading packages. Tug or tow truck operators can hook up to the CSP’s built-in heavy-duty towbar to pull the unit precisely to where it’s needed. The 16 solid rubber tires support the platform easily as it moves.

FAST offers a 20.4-horsepower Kubota® diesel engine or a 480-volt three-phase electric motor. A 12-volt DC, 2-gallon-per minute (7.6-liter-per-minute) emergency hydraulic pump provides power in the event of an engine failure, allowing the platform to be lowered from operating height and moved to another location.

The CSP is relatively easy to maintain, which minimizes downtime and associated costs. It features bolt-in replacement sections that can be quickly replaced with just a wrench rather than cutting out damaged areas. When technicians need to work on the engine, such as changing the oil or filter, they can simply power down the lift, disconnect the tray-mounted engine and bring only the small engine, rather than the whole CSP, to the shop for maintenance.