FAST Global Solutions PalletSafe™
Automated Pallet Stacker and Dispenser

Wooden or plastic pallets are an integral component of today’s retail logistics supply chain, helping move freight for general merchandise, grocery and combination store formats. Yet their awkward size and heavy weight create safety and operational issues for DC and store teams.

Now you can improve the pallet handling experience and work environment for your employees, with PalletSafe from FAST Global Solutions. Integrated within each DC and store's workflow, this automated pallet stacker and dispenser helps decrease the need for extra handling of pallets, reduce the number of foot, shoulder and back injuries resulting from their unwieldy size, optimize backroom space, and easily prepare empty pallets for backhaul trips to DCs or pooled pallet providers.


PalletSafe, Pallet Stacker/Dispenser

  • Neatly stacks and stores pallets at floor level

  • Organizes backroom space in a safe and effective manner

  • Reduces the time employees have to lift or move pallets

  • Simple to operate with one-touch process to stack or dispense pallets