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WASP™ brand Chutes solve critical points of connection with economical movement of packages from one system to the next. With a variety of designs, options, lengths and solutions available, our gravity-fed chutes, slides and rollers are engineered with advanced safety features, robust construction, and superior functionality.

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Gravity Rollers

Roller conveyors designed to leverage natural gravity flow to move packages with ease. Heavy duty steel or phenolic roller construction, with custom pull-out extensions to provide variable lengths to fit the application.

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Door Transition Rollers

Designed to assist with the loading and unloading of cargo containers and delivery trucks, covering the gap between door and transport conveyor. Can be mounted on rails adjacent to the conveyor to allow the unit to traverse to several different stations.

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Designed to transition package flow from conveyor to conveyor or loading equipment at lower elevations.

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Gravity Door Chutes

Designed to span the dock for loading operations, as transition onto a conveyor. Manual extension and retraction to hold chute at preferred length. End tip gate allows for easy adjustment between pre-charging and standard package flow.

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Sorter to Door Chute System

System of chutes to transition packages from the feeding conveyor or sorter, to the loading equipment for trailers and delivery vehicles. Designed to manage high volume bulk flow to single package flow, increasing ease of operator loading. Ideal use when incline exceeds +8º maximum guideline for herringbone or other gravity loader options.

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Spiral Chute

Designed to optimize space by providing a 90º change in direction to a lower elevation conveyor. Can be combined with a series of individual spiral chutes to achieve a 180º to 360º system turn and elevation decline.

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Sorter Destination Chute

Designed to integrate into a sorter conveyor system, providing separate gravity flow channels directed towards destination sorting bins or other accumulating equipment. Customize the number of channels and size to match the operation’s sorting system.


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