We began as Watkins Aircraft Support Products in 1979, named for company founder Jim Watkins. Jim’s vision and our focus on quality and safety allowed us to grow quickly. We nearly doubled in size every year for the first decade of business.

Before long, we were diversifying our products, adding a package conveyor line in 1985 and then beginning to build trailers for the U.S. military in 2002. Over the years, we’ve shipped hundreds of thousands of products to 65 countries.

In 2015, we merged with FAST Manufacturing, a producer of high-quality sprayers and liquid fertilizer equipment for the agricultural industry. Now, we serve the world from our Midwest locations in Glenwood and Windom, Minnesota; Falls City, Nebraska and Gilman, Illinois.

Our employees own the company, and their pride shows in every piece of equipment made. We work around the clock, seven days a week, to ensure quick turnaround times on parts and equipment orders, and we’ll strive to fulfill each customer’s unique needs.


Our work ethic sets us apart, as do our materials, designs and processes:

  • Full-time quality inspectors at each location
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • 19 engineers with more than 232 years of experience
  • Stringent physical testing on all equipment
  • 130 welders certified by the American Welding Society
  • Commitment to meeting OSHA, CE, SAE and individual safety standards
  • 500,000 square feet (46,000 square meters) of manufacturing space
  • Specialized, large-format laser cutters, heavy press brakes and a continuous motion, state-of-the-art powder coat paint line
  • Dedicated parts production location