WASP Enclosed Baggage Carts Withstand Years of Hard Use

Enclosed Baggage Cart

WASP Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of non-powered ground support equipment, engineers its large-capacity Enclosed Baggage Carts with reinforced steel so they can endure years of rugged use. WASP baggage carts feature ample ribs, high-quality welds and webbing-lined vinyl curtains for resilience on the tarmac.

WASP forms its baggage cart floors with 12-gauge steel, and 16-gauge steel frames the front and back panels. Beyond the heavy-gauge components, WASP uses more ribs than other manufacturers to ensure strength and durability. Welders certified by the American Welding Society ensure quality welds and tight seams on every product.

Customers can choose between rigid-mount and torsion-axle models. The rigid-mount models feature a bolted-on running gear to make shipping, stacking and maintenance easy. The bolted-on gears only require unbolting four bolts, rather than cutting or welding, for adjustments or replacement. Torsion-axle units offer true independent suspension, which allows all four axles to flex to the conditions for an overall smoother ride. Should repairs be necessary, each axle can be replaced individually, so maintenance expenses and downtime are minimized. Baggage carts also come with two tire options, pneumatic and solid, to fit customer’s individual situations.

WASP baggage carts feature full 360-degree, fifth-wheel rotation, so the carts have no limiting factor. Each tracks correctly in any direction for safety and easy maneuverability. An integrated towbar allows for safe movement at speeds as fast as 25 mph (40 kph) while minimizing damage

caused by jackknives or misuse. Further, towbar-actuated front-wheel brakes make it easy for the operator to secure the cart to prevent rollaways.

Smooth, vinyl-padded bumpers on the corners of each unit minimize damage should the cart come into contact with another piece of equipment. Customers can request the addition of Magee-finned bumpers, as well.

Durable vinyl curtains feature webbing every 10-12 inches (25-30 centimeters) – more than any other model on the market – to combat against rips and tears. If a curtain does get damaged, WASP’s two-bolt design makes it easily and quickly replaceable.

WASP uses durable components throughout each cart. Anti-friction Timken bearings are permanently lubricated and sealed to eliminate contamination and reduce maintenance. WASP also stringently tests every cart design on washboard tracks to ensure years of service no matter the conditions.

Customers can choose from either 5-by-10-foot (1.5-by-3 meter) or 5-by-12-foot (1.5-by-3.7 meter) cart sizes. In addition, customers can specify whether the unit has bolt-in shelves and flat or V-style floors. Side openings – left, right or both – also can be customized. WASP’s standard baggage cart has a capacity of 8,000 pounds (3,629 kilograms).

WASP Enclosed Baggage Carts feature a U.S. military-grade powder-coated finish to maintain a clean, new look in the customer’s chosen colors. Optional hot-dip galvanizing can further protect the carts from corrosion in harsh environments. Finally, units come with standard or customized reflectors to delineate the sides and edges of the unit.

Each baggage cart model meets all OSHA, CE and SAE requirements. In addition, WASP works with each company’s safety and purchasing departments to customize for their requirements.