WASP Walk-Behind Belt Loader Lowers Costs, Lessens Maintenance

Belt Loader

WASP Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of non-powered ground support equipment (GSE), offers a Walk-Behind Belt Loader that features easy, safe operation at a fraction of the cost of drivable belt loaders. WASP eliminated the drive components to increase the unit’s longevity, lower maintenance requirements and reduce costs for air travel and cargo handling industries.

The towable units keep packages and luggage moving as fast as 100 feet (30 meters) per minute without sacrificing control. The belt operates at variable speeds in forward and reverse for easy loading and unloading without repositioning the machine.

A tiller arm, which can be stowed with the unit when not in use, makes precisely maneuvering the machine into place easy. This enhanced maneuverability helps reduce the risk of aircraft strikes. Dual controls add to the ease of operation, allowing the operator to control the loader from either end.

WASP’s Walk-Behind Belt Loader also increases safety and lessens liability when compared to drivable units. Its stable, low profile design eliminates the possibility of overturning or tipping.A hydraulic pump powers the conveyor, lifting mechanisms and lights on the WASP Walk-Behind Belt Loader. An optional rear lift kit incorporates a second hydraulic lift to accommodate varying worker or truck transfer heights on the end opposite of the aircraft.

Operators can stop the unit with any of the five stop buttons placed around the perimeter.

To protect the operator and other workers, the unit features automatic hydraulic brakes that automatically engage when an operator releases the tiller handle. The unit’s towbar doubles as a brace between the unit’s base and the conveyor for extra safety during maintenance. Finally, headlights and a beacon light illuminate to indicate a live, functional unit is on the tarmac.

The unit can be powered by a Kubota® diesel or Kohler® Command 18 gasoline engine. The engine provides power for the lighting. It also powers a hydraulic pump to propel the unit and lift and lower the boom. An optional rear lift kit incorporates a second hydraulic lift to accommodate varying worker or truck transfer heights on the end opposite of the aircraft. Standard bumpers protect the unit and surrounding equipment.

Standard units are nearly 20 feet (6 meters) long from bumper to bumper with a 24-inch-wide (0.6 meter) belt. Larger units also are available. The loader can reach heights from 36.5 inches (0.9 meter) to 119 inches (3 meters) for easy loading and unloading at a variety of heights.

Customers can choose between flip-up side rails, retractable handrails, or a combination of both for the sides of the belt. Side rails keep packages on the conveyor belt and handrails help ensure employee safety when entering the cargo door.

WASP’s durable components and rigorous testing ensure years of lasting service on a machine with a low up-front cost for long-lasting value. Further, U.S. military-grade powder coating, available in custom colors, protects the investment, as does optional hot-dip galvanizing.

Besides saving money on the unit, customers can save on shipping to their locations due to the smaller size. The Walk-Behind Belt Loader stacks two high to fit four at a time in a 40-foot-high cube container to reduce freight costs. Alternatively, six units fit on a truck when stacked in groups of two or three units fit on 48- to 53-foot flatbed trailers for shipping.