Center Pivot Container Dollies



Manual, over-center container locks secure cargo both vertically and horizontally on these highly-capable, 3,500-pound (1,588-kilogram) capacity dollies that also provide easy container rotation.

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  • Heavy-duty 1/4-inch-perimeter steel-plate frames with radius-cut corners protect the casters while preventing aircraft damage.
  • Automatic ramp-on container locks secure containers both horizontally and vertically for safe movement.
  • Integrated towbars prevent damage from jackknifing and activate the parking brakes to lock the front wheels and prevent rollaways.
  • A foot-operated release eases push-off after loading or unloading.
  • Sealed bearings minimize maintenance and maximize longevity.
  • Custom color, U.S. military-grade powder coating keeps the dolly looking new and personalized for years to come.


  • Optional hot-dip galvanizing provides additional corrosion resistance.


 1,300 pounds (590 kg)
4-by-8-by-16-in. (10.2-by-20.3-by-40.6-cm) outside diameter solid rubber
1-3/8-in. (3.5-cm) diameter with sealed Timken bearings
8 reflectors with amber on the front and red on the rear
Wheel Spindles
1-3/4-in. (4.4-cm) diameter
9 gauge, 5-bolt, 4-1/2-in. (11.4-cm) BC, 2-piece demountable
Tie Rod Ends
3/4-in. (19-mm) automotive type
Rear Hitch
Standard spring-loaded E-hitch with other options available
Bed Casters
16 3-in. wheels that are 3-23/32 in. high
Bed Rollers
8 2-1/2-in. (6.4-cm) diameter, 11-gauge with sealed bearings and 11/16-in. (17.5-mm) hex shaft
Pallet Stops
Manual, spring-loaded over center