Turntable Container Dollies



The sturdy decks and heavy-duty perimeter frames on our turntable dollies easily accommodate as much as 3,500 pounds (1,588 kilograms) of container capacity. Choose from models that handle LD-2 and LD-3 container configurations or LD-3, LD-4 and LD-8 container configurations. A transfer-deck model also is available.

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  • Double Ackerman steering allows the dolly to track correctly, which reduces the potential for aircraft strikes and jackknifes.
  • In the event of a strike or collision, the heavy-duty perimeter frame with tapered corners minimizes damage to both the dolly and its surroundings.
  • Forklift tineways facilitate the transfer of containers onto and off of the dollies.
  • Flip-up stops accommodate various container sizes and can be handle-actuated from either side of the deck.
  • Vertical restraints keep the containers secure for the ride.
  • Towbar-actuated front-wheel parking brakes prevent rollaways.
  • Towbars and hitches are custom designed for each dolly so they work together seamlessly to prevent damage and accidents.
  • U.S. military-grade powder coating fosters longevity while custom color choices match customers’ brands.


  • Optional hot-dip galvanizing provides additional corrosion resistance.
  • Choose from dollies that handle LD-2 and LD-3 container configurations, LD-3, LD-4 and LD-8 container configurations, or a transfer deck dolly that allows the container to rotate on the dolly while leaving the transfer deck in place.
  • Get greater capacity with the turntable option, which carries 5,400 pounds (2,449 kilograms).
  • Single Ackerman steering is available.


Cargo Capacity
3,500 pounds (1,5887 kg)
1,570 lbs. (712 kg) for LD-2/LD-3 dollies or 1,820 lbs. (826 kg) for LD-3/LD-4/LD-8 dollies
Track Width
60 in. (1.5 m) for LD-2/LD-3 dollies or 64 in. (1.6 m) for LD-3/LD-4/LD-8 dollies
1-1/2-in. or 1-3/8-in. (3.5-cm) diameters with sealed Timken bearings
Tie Rod Ends
3/4-in. (19-mm) automotive type or spherical
Rear Hitch
Pintle or drop pin
Manual- or towbar-actuated front-wheel parking brakes
4-by-88-by-16-in. (10.2-by-20.3-by-40.6-cm) outside diameter solid rubber
Wheel Spindles
1-3/4-in. (4.4-cm) diameter
Bed Rollers
2-1/2-in. (6.4-cm) diameter, 11-gauge with sealed bearings and 11/16-in. (17.5-mm) hex shaft
Per customer specification