New Standard Dolly



Our versatile configuration sets the new standard. The New Standard Dolly handles all standard container and pallet base sizes to 96-by-125 inches (244-by-318 centimeters). It’s our same high quality at a value price for the absolute lowest total cost of ownership.

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  • Load half pallets, LD-2, LD-3, LD-4 and LD-5 containers, including two LD-2 or LD-3 containers at a time, to accommodate ever-changing workloads. It also takes on 88-by-125-inch (224-by-318-centimeter) and 96-by-125-inch (244-by-318-centimeter) pallets.
  • Stack as many as five dollies for shipping and roll them onto a transport vehicle without crating for fast, inexpensive shipping.
  • Eight wheels coupled with the heavy-duty frame construction easily handle loads as heavy as 15,000 pounds (6,804 kg).
  • A durable steel frame and strong welds withstand hard use and abuse.
  • Forklift tineways make cargo movement easy.
  • High-quality, Grade 5 zinc hardware that’s smartly incorporated into the innovative design ensures the dolly resists corrosion and holds up for years.
  • U.S. military-grade powder-coated finishes in custom color choices keep the dollies looking new.


  • Optional hot-dip galvanizing gives additional corrosion resistance.


Base Sizes
LD-2: 60.4-by-47 in. (153-by-119 cm)
LD-1, LD-3: 60.4-by-61.5 in. (153-by-156 cm)
LD-4, LD-8: 60.4-by-96 in. (153-by-244 cm)
LD-6, LD-11 and Half Pallet: 60.4-by-125 in. (153-by-318 cm)
Half Pallet: 61.5 x 96 in. (156-by-244 cm)
LD-7, LD-9, LD-26, LD-29, SAA, A1N, A2N and P1P Pallets: 88-by-125 in. (224-by-318 cm)
LD-39, M-1 and P6P Pallets: 96-by-125 in. (244-by-318 cm)
15,000 pounds (6,804 kg)
2,338 pounds (1,061 kg)
135-1/2 x 102 inches (344 x 259 cm)
Running Gear
Dual-wheeled swivel casters in front, dual-wheeled fixed axle in rear
 Towbar-activated rear-wheel brakes
Rear Hitch
Spring-loaded E-hitch; pintle hitch available